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Here in Dencia Connor Designz you will get top quality handmade jewelry with in affordable price in market.


We choose reliable logistics partners who share with us the same business values.


At Dencia Connor Designz we believe that you, the customer, are what matter the most. That's why we offer some of the best services in the industry.


Here is one of our queens that decided to share her review with us.

At Dencia Connor Designz, we sell quality and affordability.


- Be Stylish, Be Gorgeous

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What Our Customer Say About Dencia Connor Designz

"Dencia Connor Designz is the best place to shop, period. You won't find those prices or benefits anywhere else, never."


"Dencia Connor Designz is amazing with decent customer service and immense selection of items.Never ever had an issue and have been using for many years."


"Nothing but a 5 star for me. I've been ordering from Dencia Connor Designz for years they've been extremely transparent with everything, lost or misplaced items no issue getting a reimbursement."



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