About Us

Dencia is a designer from the Island of St.Kitts.  She began this amazing company in which she designs and hand paints earrings and necklaces.  Her ideas comes from her rich Caribbean background her love for colors and crafting.  She resides in New York where her studio is located and she creates all her pieces there.  The company was branded and named after herself because of the uniqueness of her name.  Thus,  she states: “Be bold, Be beautiful, Be uniquely YOU! 


DenciaConnorDesignz is a small jewelry company located in Brooklyn, NY.  Our company began a few years ago and took off in 2016  and has been blossoming ever since.  All of our accessories are cut, hand painted  and shipped in and from New York.  Being able to create amazing accessories  is a dream come true and seeing the many young women wearing them has been very rewarding.




Instagram: @denciaconnordesignz
Email Us: denciaconnor@hotmail.com